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This is a private one-on-one session with Ian Spicer.
This are done online on Skype, phone or in person if in Sydney. 
Skype and phone sessions are just as powerful as in person sessions.

A private session is for someone who wishes to:

  • Work on particular goals or issues
  • Transform stress, anxiety or trauma
  • Experience a high level facilitator session
  • Facilitators to understand the format for a professional session
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a PSYCH-K®
  • Revision of any workshop material for PSYCH-K® Facilitator's
  • It is not possible to be taught PSYCH-K® in a Private Sessions(s)

What should I expect from a Private Session?

Remember that PSYCH-K creates the subconscious potential and we create our reality through results.

Once you have a supporting belief system and have transformed the stress around achieving your goal action should be easy and effortless.

It is always Ian’s intention that you experience a conscious shift in the area that you are working with.

What is the cost for a Private Session with Ian Spicer?

The cost for a Private Session with Ian is AUD$650. These are 60 minutes in duration.

The reason that Ian is more expensive than most other Facilitators is his experience and his ability to get a lot done in a short amount of time.


How do I pay for a Private Session?

Payments are made vis credit card using the Paypal system. 

If you book a session online you will directed to make payment through the Paypal Gateway. 

You don't need a Paypal account to make payment. It is just like a normal online payment with a credit card but safer.

If you book the session directly with Ian you can also pay direct into Ians bank account and he will send you the details.

How do I book a Private Session with Ian Spicer?

What balances could I experience in a private session?

Within PSYCH-K® there are a number of different balance processes that can and are used by Facilitators.

You can think of a PSYCH-K® Balance as a delivery mechanism to bring new self empowering beliefs into your system and to take any stress (physical, mental or emotional) out of your system.

Some of the PSYCH-K® Balance processes are designed  to bring your own personalised new self empowering beliefs into your system and to take any stress (physical, mental or emotional) you have out of your system.

The rest of the PSYCH-K® Balance processes are designed for specific situations (mental, emotional or spiritual) and conditions (physical goals and challenges with respect to your body) such as relationships, connection to people, optimal health etc 

The names of some of the Balances you may experience are

  • New Direction Balance
  • Resolution Balance
  • Belief Points with Energy Focusing
  • Core Belief Balance
  • Relationship Balance 
  • Life Bonding Balance
  • Rapport Balance
  • Alternative Life Bonding Balance
  • Optimal Health and Wellbeing Balance
  • A combination of the above

How many Private Sessions is normal?

Ian prides himself on only allowing his clients to book only one Private Session because generally in that session, they get what they are looking for. In other words Ian provides them with all the help they need to resolve their issue or move towards their goal.

Once Ian makes sure his clients are completely satisfied with the first session, if there is another issue or another goal that they wish to work with then it possible to book a second session.

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